FETTUCCINE ALFREDOCreamy cheese sauce. 11.95

FETTUCCINE AMALFI  - Sautéed broccoli di rape, cultivated mussels, cherry tomatoes, white wine, sautéed garlic & olive oil. 14.95

LINGUINE BARBANERATender calamari simmered in a garlic & basil marinara sauce served over black linguine. 14.95

RIGATONI ALLA BOLOGNESE Freshly ground hearty meat sauce. 14.95

SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARASautéed Italian bacon, butter, cream, eggs, cheese, & grated pecorino. 12.95

LINGUINE WITH CLAM SAUCEMinced baby clams sautéed with garlic & oil oil, with your choice of red or white sauce. 11.95

Whole little neck clams. 5.00 extra

LINGUINE FRUTTI DI MARESeafood mix in a bowl of pasta! Gulf Shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari in a classic spicy tomato broth. 18.95

PENNE ALLA LUCANASautéed shrimp, broccoli di rape, pine nuts, & bread crumbs. 14.95

PASTA MARINARA Fresh tomatoes sautéed with fresh garlic, basil, olive oil, & Mediterranean spices. 8.95

LINGUINE WITH MUSSELSYour choice of mussels with a luciana (white wine) or marinara sauce. 12.95

PENNE ALLA PAESANASautéed broccoli di rape, garlic, olive oil, & homemade sausage. 13.95

RIGATONI AL PESTO An emulsion of olive oil, basil, grated cheese, & pine nuts. 11.95

PENNE PRIMAVERA Mixed fresh garden vegetables sauteed with garlic & olive oil. 11.95

SPAGHETTI PUTTANESCAFresh tomato sauce with capers, olives, & anchovie filets. 11.95

PENNE ALLA TOSCANA Sautéed broccoli, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes in a light sauce with garlic & olive oil. 11.95

PENNE ALLA VODKASautéed shallots, touch of tomatoes in a pink vodka cream sauce. 11.95

LOBSTER RAVIOLI Served with jumbo shrimp in a light pink sauce. 22.95



Baked Cheese Manicotti 11.95

Baked Gnocchi 11.95

Baked Lasagna 11.95

Baked Ravioli 11.95

Baked Stuffed Shells 11.95

Baked Tortellini 11.95

Baked Ziti 9.95